3 Signs You Might Need to See an Osteopath For Neck Pain Relief

We live very busy and stressful lives. As we age, our bodies lose the flexibility and natural resilience it once had and we started to feel the effects of our daily lives on our bodies. Muscle fatigue, aches and pains, stiff shoulders, and the dreaded neck pain. It is important to take care of ourselves through stress relieving activities and proper exercise. Massage therapy on a regular basis is also helpful for working out the aches and pains, increasing blood flow, and providing more flexibility in our movement. However, sometimes despite all our efforts our neck pain looks to continue to bother us. Here are 3 signs you might need to see an osteopath for neck pain relief.

1. You wake up each morning with a stiff neck

There is an entire industry devoted to helping us get the best rest possible every night. Mattresses now come with every bell and whistle imaginable to increase our level of comfort. Beds no longer have springs but are now instead made with sophisticated synthetic materials mean to cradle and hold our bodies in perfect alignment all night. There are even beds that can soften and stiffen with the push of a button. Yet, sometimes we still wake up with horrible and almost crippling neck pain. A consistent stiff neck may be a sign that regardless of how comfortable and cushioned your body and neck are at night, something internal needs to fixed.

2. At the end of the day you can not turn your head

Waking up with a stiff neck is a huge inconvenience. It not only begins your day with pangs of intense pain, but it makes it difficult for you to get moving and begin your usual routine. If your stiff neck continues to bother you throughout the day and never seems to get better, it may turn into chronic neck pain. If you feel your neck and shoulder muscle continuing to stiffen all through the day regardless of what you do, you may need to see a doctor. Excessive stiff necks may cause trauma to your spine and the soft tissue that will only perpetuate the cycle of pain and may exacerbate the problem. If you can not turn your head at the end of the day, it may become very debilitating and a safety issue with regards to driving.

3. You suffer from dizziness and headaches

Intense neck pain is not only an inconvenience but it can effect other aspects of your body as well. It can cause you to sleep poorly leading to feeling fatigued and under rested, cause difficulties with concentration, and in some instances even lead to dizziness and headaches. If you are suffering from dizziness or headaches you should contact a doctor immediately. Severe pain and vertigo may be a sign of a serious issue.

If you show signs of neck pain, schedule a visit with an osteopathic doctor and begin the path of relief immediately.

Source by Christopher Rivera