Rogue Wolf

February 21, 2019 Megan E. 0

Oldenglen is a special place near Jax’s home in southern Oregon. Having his life uprooted from life in England was difficult for him. However, school […]

What Does a Shaman Do?

February 20, 2019 Megan E. 0

Shamans guide and protect a community that depends on them. They heal people, animals and the environment, find lost things and people, and work to […]

Plant Spirit Shamanism

February 19, 2019 Megan E. 0

Since the beginning of human experience, plants have played a role in the evolution of our species, not only in the provision of food and […]

Your Home is Your Symphony

February 18, 2019 Megan E. 0

“Dr. Carl Sagan once wrote, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Although Dr. Sagan was commenting on the wonders to be found in […]

Bonsai Tree Meaning

February 17, 2019 Megan E. 0

A lot of people wonder about the meaning behind the bonsai tree. Well, let’s start with the meaning of the word itself. Bonsai, first of […]

Organic Architecture

February 16, 2019 Megan E. 0

What is Organic Architecture? The term “Organic Architecture” was invented by the great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959). An architecture idea which promotes harmony between […]