Causes of Heart Attacks – Smoking and Heart Disease – A Recipe For an Early Death

A new study on 18,000 middle aged men in the United Kingdom has revealed new statistics on the effects of smoking. The study looked at the affects of smoking on people that had any of these three symptoms. They chose people for the study who had either high cholesterol, high blood pressure or were deemed to be over-weight. They then compared results between smokers and non-smokers.

The study revealed some startling statistics. They found that the middle aged smokers who had either high cholesterol or high blood pressure lived ten years less than their counterparts who had normal levels of both cholesterol and blood pressure levels and who did not smoke. More worryingly for most people, those smokers who were also over-weight could expect to knock as much as fifteen years off their life expectancy through smoking.

Smoking whilst being over-weight with high levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure was one of the major causes of heart attacks and was their biggest risk factor – alongside other blood circulation, strokes and heart diseases.

Smoking cigarettes is so highly addictive and most people find it very hard or even impossible to quit. It is the nicotine in cigarettes and tobacco that people get addicted to, milligram for milligram it is more addictive than even cocaine or heroin. It takes just seven seconds from the time smoke is inhaled for the nicotine to reach the brain.

It is not the Nicotine itself that is dangerous to our health. Nicotine is an appetite suppressant and also a natural stimulant. The problem is that cigarettes can contain up to 4,000 other chemicals and it is these chemicals that in effect poison the body and cause cancer and a whole list of cardiovascular problems.

Smoking in public places is now banned in several countries including the United Kingdom and some states in America. Second-hand smoke is also dangerous, it is not only the smoker who is at risk from the smoke that is produced by burning cigarettes, and is then exhaled by smokers. Second-hand smoke remains in a room for up to 120 minutes afterwards even though you may not even be able to smell or see it in the air. Second-hand smoke can increase even a non smokers risk of lung cancer by 25%, especially in asthma sufferers.

The increased risk to non-smokers of getting heart and circulation problems make it one of the major Causes of Heart Attacks.

Source by Jeremy Parks