Discover The Healing Power Of Pyramid Meditation

I have been meditating for over 15 years. During that time I have also tried many different types of meditation with varying degrees of success.

Meditation should bring inner peace, harmony and open one’s mind to receive knowledge which isn’t accessible to the linear mind. When I discovered the healing power of pyramid meditation by accident, as it happened, a new world opened up for me:

It all began when I was experimenting with improving the effects of my space harmonizing pyramids.

I was given a helping hand by a very experienced healer and pyramid expert. Armed with the new secret ingredient I embarked on an intense pyramid production journey experimenting with different materials. I could feel the increased power from the new pyramids compared to the pyramids I had created before.

The biggest revelation though happened when one day I idly placed one of the new creations on my forehead.

Well, I had the biggest surprise of my life:

Within a few minutes my brain entered in a state of deep harmony. I began to see different worlds with my inner vision. I couldn’t believe my eyes at the immense clarity of this inner vision which unfolded like a huge HD screen in front of my inner eyes. Was I dreaming? No. Within a couple of days I was given proof of what I had seen: I came across a video on the internet with the exact images I was shown when meditating with the pyramid in my head.

I continued to meditate with the new pyramid on my head. The healing power of pyramid meditation revealed itself to me in many ways each time I meditated.

I have verified many a vision I received from healing pyramid meditation.

I went back to my old pyramids, the effect wasn’t the same. In fact I found that only the new formula pyramids provided the powerful harmonizing impact on the brain that enables one to access information the mind cannot possibly access in the linear way.

Well, I hardly need to tell you how excited I felt about the new discovery.

Now, many months into pyramid meditation I have had many amazing insights, visions and healing experiences. My own ability to do healing work with clients and buildings has increased ten fold since I have worked with the pyramids.

My connection to cosmic forces has strengthened. It seems like the pyramid meditation creates a bridge between one’s consciousness and the universe which is an amazing experience.

I have given the pyramids to my partner and friends to experiment.

Every one of them also experienced the amazing energy from the pyramids in their own way.

In order to get the best results meditation needs to be focused on an intention. When you do this the beneficial effect increases and becomes measurable. If you can measure the impact of a technique in some way, the logical part of the brain will accept the new practice effortlessly.

I encourage you to find out more about the healing power of pyramid meditation. I write about it regularly in my blog and share new insights about the healing pyramid meditation techniques I am creating, or is it the universe that is creating them for me?

Source by Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen