How To Monitor Heart Rate Through Impulse Heart Rate Monitor

If you want to concentrate on your workouts especially in aerobic range, impulse heart rate monitor is a right option for you. It is neither confusing nor difficult to use impulse heart rate monitor for controlling your exercise regimes.

Impulse heart rate monitors are available in two common impulse 9 and impulse 12 models. These are comfortable and easy to use. In practice the use of impulse heart rate monitors is beneficial and rewarding if you are able to correctly identify the advantages of it. The cost of both these models is below $100 mark and is easily available in the market.

Impulse 9 is a lower end model. It comes with the hi and low heart audible target zone alarm. It also specifies the minimum, average and maximum heart rate and time of the day. It is totally water resistant and comes with lightweight transmitter belt. A stopwatch with 10-hour count down timer is also available in the monitor.

Impulse 12 is high end product and has many features in it. Cost wise also it is not too costly and it is marginally above than the impulse 9 models. It comes with low and high heart audible target zone alarm with the time spends in the zone. It has additional feature of memorizing data for long periods and keeps the records of calories burnt and total calories burnt for a specific period.

Impulse 12 carries out calorie calculations based on physical data such as weight, age, exercise and resting time. It also keeps the record of recovery time and low and high heart rate zones during the recovery period. It also displays the maximum, minimum and average heart rate for complete exercise and comes with a 10-hour stopwatch with 10-hour count down timer. Impulse 12 is totally water resistant and comes with a lightweight transmitter belt. It is therefore the best buy for getting the maximum benefits of impulse heart rate monitors.

Actually aerobic regime of the workouts is best for pumping more oxygen to the different body parts and muscles. In this region the heart rate increases and therefore more blood is pumped to the body parts and therefore more oxygen in blood is passed to the muscles. In aerobic mode of exercise, the demand for oxygen increases for the activities that last long for a couple of minutes and therefore it best meets the requirement when the heart rate is in the range of 60% of the maximum heart rate.

Monitoring heart rate through impulse heart rate monitor ensures that you do controlled exercises in the aerobic region and do not exceed the heart rate beyond a certain limit. The common impulse models are very easy to use and beneficial for monitoring your exercise, however impulse heart rate monitor 12 is highly recommended.

Source by Brad Cra