Quit Smoking in the Inland Empire While Vacationing!

Quitting smoking can be easiest accomplishment that you have ever taken on. Unfortunately, the media has put into your head that quitting smoking is more difficult that removing heroin from the addict’s life. As a non-smoker of 3 packs a day, I can tell you that this is further from the truth. Quitting the nicotine habit can literally change your life and how you think about yourself almost instantly.

Creative Guided Imagery, a gentler method of hypnosis, has been attributed to greatly reducing withdrawals symptoms due to smoking cessation as well as many other addictions. Here’s why. You are equipped with the most powerful organs in the world… your mind. Its so powerful that even in the year 2007, many scientists are just now beginning to break the mystery of the brain and how thoughts can impact your body.

Scientists now believe that your brain can be rewired through repetition and meditation. The Mayo Clinic has conducted numerous studies that show the mind-body connection (mind’s thoughts and attitude) can actually heal the body of diseases such as cancer. They are even finding out that in the future, people may be able to grow back limbs as simply as a lizard grows back its tail. The Cleveland Clinic uses guided imagery as a precursor to surgery because the mind can actually control the amount of bleeding, the swelling, bruising AND infection during the surgery. The patient takes less pain medication with guided imagery and recovers about 10 times faster than normal.

So if the mind and its thoughts can affect the successful outcome of a surgery and insure the successful treatment of even cancer, why wouldn’t guided imagery work on ridding the body permanently of smoking? It can and it does. Guided imagery and hypnosis have the highest success rate of permanently removing the burden faster than drugs and cessation aids together.

During the session with Creative Guided Imagery (which usually lasts between 90 minutes), a client is given an extensive interview focusing on the reasons they want to quit. We take them into a deep relaxing state three different times to effectively jump over that critical mind that tells you “I’m afraid to stop because of the withdrawals pain” and replace it with new thoughts that “your symptoms will be so minimal you may not even notice them.” Every thought that keeps you currently smoking is changed to be the exact opposite. Your mind accepts these suggestions easily. As reinforcement, a professional made CD is given to every client so they can continue this same wonderful journey into deep relaxation for 30 days thereby effectively rewiring the brain.

When a client realizes that they have succeeded in their goal to stop smoking, a whole new world opens up to them. Things literally see more color in their world. Food taste better. They sense a profound feeling of freedom that they have not experienced for years. No longer embarrassed by smoking, they are ecstatic by the knowledge that they are so powerful, they can put down the nicotine habit easily and effortlessly.

For me, watching as a facilitator to their well-being, is a most rewarding experience. I can see the ex-smoker blossom back into society, and this is an experience I will never get use to.

The fee involved is $350, but when you considered that the initial session is reinforced with a mini-vacation CD for thirty days, it actually breaks down less than what a person spends on purchasing cigarettes in one month. Saving between $1500 and $3600 a year, you can actually go on a real life vacation to a tropical island and not worry about sitting on a plane for 5 hours without a cigarette.

There really is no reason not to quit when the reasons for smoking is all in your head. So start by calling the professional who will take you on a journey of great accomplishment. You will be so delighted by the results.

Source by Julie Ann Johnson