Why Don’t Smokers Simply Quit Smoking?

It is not that smokers do not want to stop their smoking habits, because if you ask any smoker whether they had to do it all over again they would still smoke, the great majority of them would say not take up smoking given the chance.

So if they were smokers wanting to quit smoking, why do they not simply stop? Most smokers try to stop a few times during their lives but it is a sad fact that as nicotine is so addictive almost every individual who smokes tobacco will end up addicted to smoking and will end up as virtual slaves to their own smoking habit. Just because it is difficult to stop does not mean it will not happen. In fact nowadays more people quit smoking more effectively than ever before. If you are a smoker and you stop to think, then there is no better time than the present.

Many people would be able to stop smoking cigarettes, if they could just reduce the amount of stress in their day to day lives. Stress plays a major role in a person’s ability to stop smoking. Cigarettes are like a virtual crutch that people use for support when they feel anxious, worried or stressed. People who have stress carrying jobs usually start smoking as a way to help them lower their stress levels. Smokers trying to quit should stop at a time when the stress is at lower levels like on vacation.

There are people who are in a position to stop for months at a time consistently, but they become sucked back into the vortex of smoking when they are confronted with a stressful situation and can not handle it without a cigarette in their hand. This form of smoker needs to find an alternative way to deal with stress, in addition to smoking, or they will never be able to stop forever.

Because there are many different types of people and different kinds of smokers, before somebody quits, they should look at what the causes them to desire a cigarette. Understanding what makes them smoke can help them stay away from those situations.

Once a person stops smoking, they will start to have withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine starvation  can make a person to be mad at everyone and everything that’s there. A person will often appear to  freak out for no apparent reason and suffer from sudden mood swings. When someone is trying to stop smoking, it is best not to try to argue or disagree with them until they are done with withdrawals.

Some people are so angry and mad that they fired or they quit their jobs. Otherwise, it is sometimes difficult to get out of bed and feel like there is no reason to live or to do something. It can be difficult to stop smoking, especially if you are heavy with withdrawal symptoms, but the good news is that more often than in 3-10 days the withdrawal symptoms will fade away and vanish.

The best part about stopping smoking is how it feels when you finally manage to actually quit. After only a few weeks of being smoke free, most people feel so great that their energy levels are almost double that of when they were smoking. They can breathe and sleep better, and that makes them have more stamina and feel better at work. Even if you have been smoking your entire adult life, within ten years of stopping, your chances of getting a smoking related disease will fall back back to the same level as a person who has never smoked. Who would have thought something so bad for you could be reversed so easily?

Source by Jackie Winn